• Pictures with optional upgrades (Flatbed Rack and Soft Bag).

One frame, multiple trailers

In minutes you can change your trailer to any of our other options, see the other options here.

TF+ Trailer for Motorcycle or Car

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Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer - Frame

Our frames are designed with the unique ability to allow you to lock onto the frame the right attachment or add on for your adventure. Simply removing four locking points and your trailer can go from a flatbed to a fiberglass touring box in a matter of minutes.

One frame. Many Possibilities.

You start with the frame and then select the option or options you want to add on top of your frame.

If you are using this trailer with the touring box you will not need fenders. Fenders are required for the camping trailer and flatbed rack.

Frame Finishing

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Trailer for motorcycle, Razors, ATV, Jeeps, Smart Cars, Mini-Cooper, and more.

Not only designed to be able to adapt to your adventures but also designed using common trailer components. All of the suspension, axles, hubs, tires and other items can be sourced locally while on the road. No need to haul extra proprietary tires, rims or other items. With our trailers, you won’t be left stuck waiting on parts while out on your adventure.

Each frame includes.

  • Includes custom fiberglass fenders
  • Includes LED Stop, Run Turn Lights
  • Independent Air Suspension
  • Wiring harness

This is the perfect trailer to pull with your Harley Davidson motorcycle, Goldwing motorcycle, Smart Car, Mini-Cooper and other vehicles.

The trailer as seen in the photos, click here

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