One frame, multiple trailers

In minutes you can change your trailer to any of our other options, see the other options here.

XL+ Touring Motorcycle or Car Trailer

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Designed by riders. Used by our employees. This trailer is the best on the market! Why?

The only trailer with wireless key FOB Entry, at the press of a button the lid opens.

The frame is designed to ride above the exhaust of touring motorcycles. You will not have increased sound levels when pulling the trailer.

Built with common trailer parts! The tires and suspension parts are widely available at auto-part stores. If you ever have a problem you're not stuck nor do you have to carry extra parts on your trip.

We have designed a trailer large enough to tackle the longest trips with little to no impact on your fuel mileage. You will forget it is even there!

In minutes you can change this trailer to a flatbed or any other of our available options, see the other option here.

Hitch Style
On-Board Compressor
Fog Lamps

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Our premiere trailer for motorcycles, ATV, Razors, Jeeps, Mini-Coopers, Smart Cars, and other vehicles.

Interior measurements are 48 Long X 33 wide X 18 tall.

Removable cooler. If you remove the cooler you can fit an item that is 60 inches long!

The complete trailer weighs 180 pounds!

Interior light available that turns on and off as the lid opens and closes

Built-in dual USB charging port

Wireless key FOB entry with keyed manual override. With the press of a button the trailer opens

Gas shocks on the lid.

Removable cooler

Dry storage for your food items under the cooler

A super bright LED lighting configuration

Made in the USA

This is the perfect trailer to pull with your Harley Davidson motorcycle, Goldwing motorcycle, Smart Car, Mini-Cooper and other vehicles.

What makes our trailers different is the ability to change the trailer in minutes. You can set out on a tour of the countryside and when you return home. In a matter of minutes, you can remove the fiberglass box and change your trailer to a camping trailer, a flatbed or any of our other options. Your one trailer can now be many trailers. Check out the options you can change your trailer here.

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